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    Numbering List with proper margin ?



      Numbering List with proper margin ?


      Hi I have like 16 field which I wanted to make it as a list.I tried to make and It comes like this


      (MY RESULT) (formula is =

      " *  " & Substitute ( List ( how_to_make_1; how_to_make_2; how_to_make_3; how_to_make_4; how_to_make_5;how_to_make_6;how_to_make_7;how_to_make_8;how_to_make_9;how_to_make_10;how_to_make_11;how_to_make_12;how_to_make_13;how_to_make_14;how_to_make_15;how_to_make_16) ; ¶ ; "¶ *  " ) )


      1. 1263716273861231782631








      I wanted to make like this


      1. 1263716273861231782631

      2. askjdhfkasjhdfaksdjhfaksdh


      3. jkahsdkfjha

      4. jkahsdfkjhaskdjfhak


      5. jahsdfkjahsdkfhaksdjhfkasdf



      Please teach me




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          Lioncross wrote:

          Hi I have like 16 field which I wanted to make it as a list.

          These 16 'like' fields which all contain information 'how to make' should be one table containing 16 records instead.   Your current issue is just one of the problems you will face when you have them as fields.


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            Laretta ,

            I am sorry I dont get it. I wonder if you wouldnt mind to check my files, I am making recipes book for my company which is just simple database

            1. Input Form

            2. Printing Form

            which I have to play with text only.

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              I would be happy to take a look at your file.  You will need to upload it somewhere and then provide a link here.  There are many free upload sites such as 4Share. :smileyhappy:

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                Laretta ,

                Btw thanks in advanced for the help , well I have file in japanese, but I hope there are no problem, and I am still beginner , if you have a good solution , please teach me , thanks Files

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                  I am sorry but the link you provided bombards me with pop-up window ads and requirements to download a music toolbar, 2shared, free music videos, babel ... it shows Recipies Komachi Perfect Copy.fp7 but there seems no way to download it without signing up for something else that is being flashed in my face that I don't want.  Can you provide a different site to download it from?

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                    I'm afraid that your file doesn't help me.  Any time I see Item 1 - Item 16 as fields, I know it is not structured properly.  As you see, you now have to also add 16 fields for Item Amount,  Misc, Misc Amount, and so forth.


                    I am willing to help you with this but I need to know what these 1-16 items represent.  Is each item a recipe?  An ingredient?  What does the Name represent (first field in your table)? 


                    I have uploaded a sample file here  showing how I would structure a Recipe file (do not use the one which comes with FileMaker templates because it allows no flexibility).  If I'm still missing your request, please provide further explanation.  :smileyhappy:

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                      Hi Laretta , thanks for your help ,



                      Item 1 .... Item 16                                                              = Ingridient 1 .... 16

                      Item_amount_1..... Item_amount_16                           = Ingridient amount 1...16

                      misc_1....16                                                                       = misc item 1 .... 16

                      misc_c_1....16                                                                   = misc control 1 ... 16 (decide whether its tittle or not using checkbox set , and control to Font style Bold)


                      misc_amount_1.....16                                                      = misc amount 1....16


                      misc_text_1...16                                                                = for labeling  (Printing)



                      how to make_1...16                                                           = steps


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                        I created a file for you but you haven't downloaded it?  Nevertheless, I made a change to it ... adding another table to hold each of your steps.  You can add steps in the right portal (click into the steps description).  Add ingredients in the left portal (select an ingredient to add by clicking on the IngredientID).  The report (click Print Steps button) shows how to align as you originally requested in your opening post.  Note that the Description field is set at largest size needed and then through Format > Set Sliding/Printing slide up and also reduce part.  In this way, if that much space isn't needed, all subsequent steps will slide up and you won't have gaps.


                        I hope this file is helpful. Here is the link http://www.4shared.com/file/nrarrE2F/Recipes.html


                        I used a join table which only holds the RecipeID and IngredientID because one Recipe can have many ingredients and one Ingredient can be on many recipes.


                        Feel free to ask any questions you wish. :smileyhappy: