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Numeric sort not working.

Question asked by DeirdreHealey on Jun 3, 2013
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Numeric sort not working.



                    Recently have been unable to sort my database by item number.  Numbers 41 and 42 out of 59 records somehow show up at the end.  Al other records are in correct order.


                    Repost follows:

                    I have my items listed numerically & have had a problem recently with my 2013 items. I now have 59 items listed & have 2 that will not stay in order. Numbers 1-40 are ok & numbers 41 & 42 consistently are after the last item added--ie, # 59 is no longer last. Early on, with less numbers, I had problems also, but now it seems to be only these 2. I have done many sorts & gone into that area & erased all & resorted to no avail.

                    I have just purchased the new imac & my os is 10.8.3.  I had hoped the new computer would solve my problem, but it remains the same.