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           So in browsing custom functions to format numbers and/or currency, I was a bit stunned to stumble upon that fact the filemaker has a native function to insert commas where I'd have least expected it- NumToJtext.  The functions description is converts roman numbers in number to japanese text.  The format is: NumToJText(number;separator;characterType).  

           The functions I see this using NumToJText select '0' for type which corresponds to "half width (Hankaku) number".  I googled this, but I'm still unsure- Will using this function just to insert commas (ie 30000000 to 3,000,000) have any unintended side effects?

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               I learned this same trick from a post here by Raybaudi. As far as I can tell, there should be no trouble using this as a calculation to insert the comma as a thousands separator. But in many situations, such a calculation is unnecessary as you can use data formatting (even on merge text--both fields and variables) to add the same formatting.

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                 Thanks phil.  I need to display a calc with percentages, currencies, and text so NumtoJtext based calcs fit the bill.  Good to hear its safe, thanks.