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Nutty Print Preview situation

Question asked by mattb on Oct 3, 2010
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Nutty Print Preview situation


I'm using FMP 11 Advanced for Mac OSX.  When I go to print a report layout, I'm using the Print() script step with dialog because I want the user to be able to specify a page range or click the Preview button, if they want to.  If the Preview button is clicked, it goes to the Mac's default PDF viewer, which is the Preview application.  Here's the wonky part - while viewing the generated file in Preview, the title bar at the top of the document is the name of a file that no longer exists and that I don't want to have as the name of the document, even if it isn't saved!  I have no idea how this name got glommed onto and preserved for all eternity - total mystery to me.  I did find that if I change the Print() command to be Print[Restore] so that it's directed at a specific printer, then the name of the generated preview file changes to the name of the FP7 file that the code is in, which is better, but...

Using the Print[Restore] command also seemingly allows you to name the output file to any name of your choosing using the Save As options under the PDF button, but anything typed in there is not remembered at print time.

What the heck is going on here?  Something seems awfully wonky.  I might add if the user chooses to go to the printer instead of preview that the incorrect name then shows up in the print queue window as well.  What gives with this?

Matt Bloomfield