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Object addressing itself... WHY NOT!?

Question asked by AndyCohen on Feb 18, 2010
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Object addressing itself... WHY NOT!?


It's been my experience with 4 years of Filemaker that theres usually a way to do what you want to do... it's just a matter of figuring out the "trick"...

but not on this topic... 

Self addressing an Object so that one can have truly independent... i.e., COHESIVE AND DECOUPLED scripts.  I simply want to pass some form of identification of the object (usually a Button) that invoked the script. I cannot find a way to do it. "Self" is a specialized function which will not work except for very specific places (like Cond formatting) which is extremely confounding to anyone who wants... and understands... the extreme value in clean decoupling.


Another important question besides why FMI does not build it into FM is WHY nobody is screaming for it besides ME?!


Rumors are we won't see this in the next version.