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    Object Alignment between PC



      Object Alignment between PC & Mac


      I have done most of my development on PC's reather than a Mac.  My experience is that layouts developed on a PC display reasonably well on a Mac but layouts developed on a Mac rarely display properly on a PC.  While I prefer to use the Mac, I've been forced to develop on a PC.  I've been fortunate in that most of my clients did not require cross platform compatibility or the forms did not have sufficient differences to cause difficulties..

      Now I have a client who uses only PC's in the office but will be using iPads and iPhones in the field.  This solution was originally developed in FMP7 and now is being redeveloped and used with FMP11.

      Below you will see a picture of the button bar as it apears on a Windows 7 machine.  Note that the text and boxes are pretty well aligned - I used the appropriate Inspector and menu alignment tools

      For comparison, I will make a second post that displays the same collection of objects on my 27" iMac.  Note that they are not aligned properly.  The font is 9 point Ariel.

      My question is...How do I get these items to align properly?  I've been dealing with this unsatisfactory incompatibility for many versions of FileMaker and I'm getting very tired of it.


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          Here is the second image "Grabbed" on a Mac.  Note the lack of alignment.

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            Are you referring to the text being a pixel higher than the boxes?

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              If you are planning on using FM Go for the iPhone and iPad versions, I suggest that you use some other means than checkboxes.  You will probably find checkboxes to be quite limited, very difficult to arrange, and slow under FM Go.  Also, the font must be increased to at least 12 point so that they are legible and accessible on the smaller screens.

              If these are buttons rather than checkboxes, you will not be able to tap one button since they are too small and closely spaced.

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                Yes, in most cases.  The bottom left "LETTERS" is closer.

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                  Thanks Jade.  We are considering what might need to change.  The primary use of this program will still be in the office with a number of special functions ony used by the iPad/iPhone.  Thanks for the advice.

                  I should mention that the small squares are not check boxes.  They are just small boxes.  They were originally intended to indicate a grouping of functions.



                  Thanks Phil.  I'm assuming by your comment that you have a suggestion?

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                    Not really, the differences are subtle enough that I wasn't sure I was seeing the issue.

                    Adding Filemaker Go capability often requires customized layouts used only for the iPad and iPhone users. You can find several discussions of this over in the FM GO forum. Replacing check box groups with a set of buttons better sized for fingers is one of those suggested inteface design changes. The switch to buttons would avoid the alignment difference seen here, but is also a bit more work to set up.

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                      I've been developing a system to be used by Macs, PCs and iPads (possibly iPones too).  I'm finding that for some issues there is no alternative to having separate layouts for each platform, especially since most of the PCs are older systems with 4:3 monitors.  I think the difference in screen resolutions is the real killer.

                      However, it is not all that difficult to duplicate the layout and tweak it for the other platform.  On those layouts I have a script that detects the users platform and sends them to the correct layout, then trigger that script On Layout Enter.  With careful naming conventions and using variables I am keeping it to one script that works for all of the layouts.

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                        Thanks all for your comments.  I take it that there are no solutions for the differences between the Mac and PC.  I was hoping that someone had found a way for them to "play well together".  

                        I realize that I may have to make platform specific layouts.  I suspect I need to design these on a Mac for the iPad/iPhone people. Are we back in the dark ages of browser comparisons with these smart devices?  Do I have to test things on an Android, Blackberry, etc., etc.,...?