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    Object formating control: Color



      Object formating control: Color


           We're talking about a simple square. 

           i can see how to name an object (S1), and I seem to be able to get a script to recognize the the objects name.  But for the life of me I am not seeing how to script a change in the squares color.

           I have tried what I consider the obvious: S1 = RGB ( 016 ; 164 ; 065 ).

           There is plenty of discussion on how to change a fonts color. but i am seeing no discussion as to how to do this.  I am beginning to suspect that this is another case of giving us tools, but no control for the tool.

           Peter Kelley

           St. Paul, MN USA

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               And what kind of object is that "square"? A field? A button? A graphic object?

               The RGB function is only used in combination with the textcolor function to change the color of text in a field.

               To get a "square" to change color takes other methods--such as either a conditional format expression that controls the fill color of a button or field, or a relationship that matches to different related records where each related record has a container field storing a different graphic object.

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            THIS is why I don't like this forum (and why I didn't answer a long time ago).  The group reads so much into a question that you change it from a mole hill to a mountain.  Sometimes I think some of you have forgotten to read critically.

            I said square (not a data field, or button - I said SQUARE (AS IN GRAPHIC OBJECT)).

            My current frustration, beyond the mole hill to mountain syndrome, is that I want to alter a graphic representation of my garden as I enter data over the course of a season.

            • Plant Emergence
            • Plant Pre-bloom stage
            • Plant Bloom Stage
            • Pant Bloom Fade

            and so on over plants growth pattern.  The graphic images of squares and circles I would like to control lines and fills.  The diagram I have currently looks like this but it is manually maintained.  Yes there would have to be changes to automated version.  The image uploaded was reduced to 18% of its original size if you wonder why it looks so bad.