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    Object Info pallette



      Object Info pallette


      I can't find the Object info palette by which to resize Field boxes precisely--it's on Layout of course, but I don't see it anywhere.  Who knows where it is?

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          In Layout mode, choose Object Info from the View menu.  It's a separate, floating pallet

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            Thank you for so quick an answer.  I'm in the new FMP 11 but when I go to Layout on View, then pull down View, I don't see the words Object palette anywhere. I see Object on Insert, but nothing on View.  Do I have to do something else?  I used FMP ten years ago but find the powerful new version much harder to figure out. 

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              In version 11 you have Inspector instead. And BTW, that's where you'll find date formatting, too.

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                Thank you for the answer.  But I don't have the slightest idea from the Help what to do with Position: I think I'm going back to Excel, where you can just pull them where you want, this is ridiculous.

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                  In Layout mode, select View > Inspector. Select the Position pane of of the Inspector and type the values you want into the boxes in the Position area.


                  For more details, see:

                  Help  > Designing and creating databases > Editing objects on layouts > Using tools to precisely position objects > Using the Inspector to position objects

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                    Sorry for getting annoyed!  I changed the figures on width for several Fields but found no button to make them take, and when I went to Browse nothing had changed.  There also was no change when I tried resizing--on Layout they became all very small, the words spilling on on the left, but nothing changed when I returned to Browse or exited to return to Browse.  What more do I have to do?  Thanks again.

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                      You are saving the layout changes? If you have the option checked on then it will ask when you are leaving layout mode.

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                        When using object info or inspector to change an object's size or position, enter the new value and press tab to see the change "take". The object must be selected  before you enter a new value.


                        You can also simply drag the field to where you want it and drag selection handles to change it's size.


                        With the object selected you can use the arrow keys to "nudge" the object one pixel at a time up/down/right/left.