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    Object insert tiff files



      Object insert tiff files


      I am trying to insert a tiff file and jpg file into my database and link them to original file.  However everytime I go to the insert and select the picture it either comes in as a file reference or an ole error.  I want to be able to see the pictures in the database, but change them if I need to.

      Any help Thanks

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          Welcome to the forum, archives,


          I do this regularly, and it works perfectly every time.  This is what I do:


          - the field that stores the image is type 'Container'

          - I right-click (PC) in the field and select the first 'Insert...' option, 'Insert Picture'

          - Browse to the JPEG file, and make sure that 'Store only a reference to the file' is ticked in the dialogue box.

          - Click 'Open'.


          I get a view of the image displayed in the field, aligned and re-sized if I want.


          Is any of that different to your method?



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            I have done that, but than the file is not linked and can not open the file from the database when I make changes.  Looking to use object - link instead of picture choice.  I noticed when I click on insert -- object -- that the file types do not include a program that will read tifs or jpg.  I was wondering how to include a program that will read this file formats.

            Thanks for responding.

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              I'm not saying there's anything *wrong* with what you're doing (cos I don't know enough about it), but why do you want to 'Insert Object', rather than 'Insert Picture', if you already have the JPEG that you want to show?


              My understanding of 'Insert Object' is that it will create an object ('File') of the type you are 'Inserting' in the field.  For example, you can create a standalone Excel file right there in the container field.  (Don't get me started: hobby-horse of mine, under-exploited piece of brilliance on Filemaker's part, blah blah...)  But I thought you wanted to simply show an image file that you had already 'created' - it exists as a file already, and you just want to display it and link to from your database?


              If I link to a pdf file, for example, and have a button 'Select/Play' the container field, it immediately opens the pdf document in Acrobat Reader - exactly the way I want it to.  Likewise Word, Excel documents.


              Maybe I'm missing something about what you're trying to achieve; sorry.



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                There is nothing to be sorry about -- It probably my way of explaining things.

                I will try to explain better (first I am using windows XP)

                In my database (Filemaker 8 pro) I click on the container field than click Insert -- Object and select create from file -- browse and select pathname and file to insert and check Link.  Only the icon of a program with filename comes in, not the picture.  I know I can open the file by clicking on the icon, but I would like to see the picture in the database and link it so if it changes I can make changes and update.

                I noticed in the "Create New Object Type (in the insert object menu) that it does not list any program that will open a jpg or tif file only bmp.

                It seems to me if the "new Object Type" list does not contain my photo image program -- the picture will not display -- so I think I need to know how to add a program to the Object Type List.  Also with other computers I try to insert an object and get an OLE (0x80040064) error message -- not sure what that is.

                Sorry to go on, but you have been helpful and I hope you can help me solve this problem.  Thanks

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                  To clarify my understanding, what happens if you right-click and 'Insert Picture...', then browse to the image file which already exists?  In what way does that not do what you want?



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                    It does the same thing.  either puts an icon with file name in container box or says I have an OLE error.

                    Is there any way to get the object list to recognize another program?  Like the Kodak program I have on my computer for pictures.  the file type for the kodak pictures is "Easy Share jpg"  or "Easy Share tif"  But this program is not shown on the List of object types.  Sorry to be such a pain. 

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                      Okay: you're now beyond my realm of experience - like I said, it works perfectly for me every time.  So I'm now asking questions as research for the expert who will... come along any minute, I'm sure.


                      What happens if you 'Insert file...' to a pdf?  I've done that many many times, and again, never had a problem.  (S'pose you're sick of hearing that by now...)



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                           I know I am being a pain. But what I want to know is how I can add a type of files that can be inserted to the drop down list of "files that can be inserted" when I chose insert.
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                          Thank you for your posts.


                          Click inside the Container field, pull down the Insert menu and select "Picture...".


                          A new dialog box now appears.  In the bottom half, be sure to uncheck the option "Store only a reference to the file".  If this is checked, all you will get is an icon of the file inside the Container field.  Select your JPG, TIF, PDF or whatever graphic you want to display.



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