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    Object like a portal but for primary table



      Object like a portal but for primary table


           I want a clickable list of customers in a vertical object down the left side of a layout. then with the detailed fields that can be edited for a particular customer to the right.   When the user double clicks a customer in the list on the left, that customer record is displayed in the edit fields than can now be updated.

           I started with a portal but it seems to only be able to display records from a related table, not the primary table of the layout.  How do I go about this?

           thanks, bill


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               Use the portal and go with a single click instead of a double click.

               A table can be joined to itself in a relationship so there's no reason the portal can't reference records from the same table as the layout's.

               The mouse click on the portal row can perform a script that either performs a find or manipulates a match field used in a relationship to display the details in editable fields.