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Object Sliding - I cannot make it work - HELP ! please

Question asked by alanfair on Sep 19, 2012
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Object Sliding - I cannot make it work - HELP ! please


     I have a layout, see below , the first image.

     The larger boxes are container fields which do or dont contain images.

     The smaller fields are calculated files that are blank if there is no image in the container field , or say Appendix 1.1 or Appendix 1.2 etc

     I basically want everything to slid up and left if there are no images. in my example there are images in containers 1,3,4 and 6, but the containers are not sliding left or up to fill the gaps where container 2 and 5 are, with no pictures. (see bottom image)

     This begs the question do container fields slid.  The text boxes appear to have slid.

     What I want to achieve (whilst i still have hair !), is for example say there were images in container 1 and container 6, they would appear next to each other on the first line of images on the report.