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    Objects displayed in portals



      Objects displayed in portals


           An object placed in the first row of a portal in a layout is displayed once for each related record and once for the next available portal row. Is it possible to hide the objects until a related record is actually created?

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               In FileMaker 13, yes. The Hide When property in the inspector can be used to hide the object when this is the bottom "add" row of a portal.

               In earlier versions, this can be done if the object is layout text by using conditional formatting, but not for graphic objects.

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                 Thanks. I haven't upgraded to FileMaker 13 - as of now I have FileMaker 12. I am trying to hide layout text and couldn't come up with a formula in conditional formatting that would work. Can you please help me with that?

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                   Let's say that your relationship looks like this:

                   LayoutTable::PrimaryKey = PortalTable::ForeignKey

                   You can select that layout text while in layout mode and specify the following conditional format expression:

                   IsEmpty ( PortalTable::ForeignKey ) // You can refer to any field in your portal's table that is never empty and this works

                   Then click the "additional formatting" button and specify a very large font size. If your text is a single row in the 12-14 range a size of 120+ points will be large enough to make the text disappear entirely.

                   I put a red X in the portal row for deleting portal row records in may of my DB's. You can see working examples of this method in my Known Bugs List Database as well as a delete portal row script that you can import error free into any FileMaker database file (all the table specific data is passed as a script parameter).

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                     This worked great to hide the layout text (field labels)! But is there a way to make the text show in Find mode? (I'm looking into importing the delete portal row script - thanks for all your tips)

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                       Get ( windowMode ) =  0 AND IsEmpty ( PortalTable::ForeignKey )

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                         Wonderful! Thank you very much!