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Objects, Calculation Fields

Question asked by Pfeffer on Dec 30, 2009
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Objects, Calculation Fields


I'm trying to copy some field values to a duplicate database. One record at a time. This is used for history and so I can delete some records in the original database to keep it fast.


I don't want to manually save the values in a variable because there are hundreds of fields. So I want to go to the first field, save the field name and value and then go over to the other database and save the data. Then run a 'Go to Next Field' and loop through all the fields.


This works perfectly, but here is the problem: When a field is a calculation you cannot tab into it and therefore 'Go to Next Field' doesn't work. It skips it.

I though of doing a 'Go to Object' but then I need to name all the objects and I can't find a script to name objects.


Can anyone out there think of a solution?