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    Objects, Calculation Fields



      Objects, Calculation Fields


      I'm trying to copy some field values to a duplicate database. One record at a time. This is used for history and so I can delete some records in the original database to keep it fast.


      I don't want to manually save the values in a variable because there are hundreds of fields. So I want to go to the first field, save the field name and value and then go over to the other database and save the data. Then run a 'Go to Next Field' and loop through all the fields.


      This works perfectly, but here is the problem: When a field is a calculation you cannot tab into it and therefore 'Go to Next Field' doesn't work. It skips it.

      I though of doing a 'Go to Object' but then I need to name all the objects and I can't find a script to name objects.


      Can anyone out there think of a solution?



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          Pfeffer wrote:

          When a field is a calculation you cannot tab into it

          What leads you to this conclusion? If the field is on the layout and included in the layout's tab order, you can tab into it.



          However, I would suggest a second thought about the entire method - starting with the need to "delete some records in the original database to keep it fast".

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            Howdy Pfeffer,


            Why not create a field called "MoveThisOne".

            put an mark in it on each record you want to transfer (button with Setfield or checkbox)

            When you're done, do a find for your marks (i.e. create a found set of the records you want to copy)

            Then IMPORT them into the other Dbase.


            Sounds a lot quicker and easier to me...


            ...or Import all of them and delete the ones you don't want to keep...whichever is quicker/easier.

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              Why not close the database, duplicate the database at the System level, add the date.

              Delete the records you want from the orginal? 

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                   A very fine point David makes.  I assumed that the "duplicate" database already existed.