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Obtain a result from a value list entry.

Question asked by caribacey on Nov 30, 2009
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Obtain a result from a value list entry.


I am new to FileMaker.

Using version 10 Pro.


I have a value list with 10 values. I have this working in a layout, no problem here.

I would like to have a field title, a field box, then a second field box.

The second field would show a value as a result of the first field. (This is where I am stuck).


For example, the field title is  "Wall construction". I have a drop down list with 10 options, which goes in the field.

Each option has a value, from 1 to 10, which I need to use in a later calculation.


I can see how a "If "new poured concrete" result is 1" would work, but how can I record this? Into a new field? 


I am stuck as to how I would add this value in a field. I have thought script would do the trick, but I see that I need a field for the script to run. 

The value of the field would be a "component value" , which will eventually give me a final value from the average of all the results.

Could I add one general field in the table?