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    Obtain a result from a value list entry.



      Obtain a result from a value list entry.


      I am new to FileMaker.

      Using version 10 Pro.


      I have a value list with 10 values. I have this working in a layout, no problem here.

      I would like to have a field title, a field box, then a second field box.

      The second field would show a value as a result of the first field. (This is where I am stuck).


      For example, the field title is  "Wall construction". I have a drop down list with 10 options, which goes in the field.

      Each option has a value, from 1 to 10, which I need to use in a later calculation.


      I can see how a "If "new poured concrete" result is 1" would work, but how can I record this? Into a new field? 


      I am stuck as to how I would add this value in a field. I have thought script would do the trick, but I see that I need a field for the script to run. 

      The value of the field would be a "component value" , which will eventually give me a final value from the average of all the results.

      Could I add one general field in the table?


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          Howdy caribacey,


          If you have a related table, related by your value-list-field, the "component value" would reside on the related table.

          You could then put the "component value" field on your record and it would show up when you made your drop-down selection of field1.  No scripts, no calculations...



          Try it this way:

          Create a new table (Table2) with 2 fields "Component" and "Component value"

          Create 10 records in this table, one for each component on your value list.

          Fill in the corresponding value on each record.


          Go to File>Manage>Database>relationships tab

          drag the "component" field from one table to the matching "component" field in the other table


          Go to your layout and put the field Table2::componentvalue on the layout.


          Go into browse mode and select a component from your dropdown...the componentvalue field from Table2 should show the corresponding value.  Play with it by changing the dropdown choice...


          Note: In field behavior, you should make the Table2::componentvalue field not enterable in Browse mode to avoid changes to the value.  If you change it on one record, it will change on them all.


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            A variation on Ninja's suggestion:


            You can also use a "Looked up value" field option to physically copy the value from the related table. This is a good idea if you will need to change the values in your components table from time to time and don't want the changes to affect data in your existing records--only new records.

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              Thanks you two!


              A little summary here.

              I have a main table, which will be used for the data entry layout. It has 68 fields, 58 of which will EACH have a value list. I don't see any way of getting around that.

              Each value list has 10 values.


              I am hoping for a "title", "field" (from a drop down list), "field" (with a numerical value according to the item chosen from the drop down list). The input from the last field will then be used in a seperate table for another calculation.


              I assume from your replies that I need to have a seperate table for each of the 58 fields.





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                A DB redesign that simplifies your life may be possible.


                Please describe the "58 separate fields" (examples are really helpful) and we'll see if there's a way to make life easier for you.

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                  I need to come back to this. I have a rush job to do for next week.

                  Would sure love to get this one sorted out.

                  Thanks very much for the input.

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                    I am building a database for an ongoing survey. Each completed survey set is recorded.

                    There are 58 "questions". Each question has 10 choices.


                    I have build a main table, called "survey".

                    The answer to each "question" is a set text answer.

                    Each answer has a numerical value on the master list.

                    I need to see the text, which works via drop-down value lists.


                    The next bit is where I am stuck. I need the numerical value for use in further calculations.

                    I am now trying as suggested, by making a table for each question, with all 10 possible results.

                    The relationship graph will be a mess, as there will then be 58 relationships.


                    I will plug away at this over the weekend.

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                      Here's a thread on creating a survey results database that maps out a method (See post by comment) that will eliminate having a different field for each question and will make tabulating your results much easier to create: