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Obtain path following 'Save as PDF' dialogue

Question asked by RichardScales on Jun 11, 2015
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Obtain path following 'Save as PDF' dialogue


I generate a report that generates a report in a fixed location. The report generates multiple pages depending on criteria so the first page generates the new PDF, subsequent pages are appended to this.

I would like to be able to offer the user a method of choosing the file location. If it was a single saved PDF then the save as pdf dialogue would support this.

Is there any way of retrieving the file path that the first Save as PDF script step ultimately used?

Alternatively, is there a method (without a plugin) of allowing the user to pick a file path which is then saved so that I could use it in my PDF saving?

A third option I have considered is to generate the PDF in its entirety in a know location and then use a method of moving/copying it to a location specified by the user via some file picking dialogue?