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Occasional Duplicate Serial Number with WebDirect App

Question asked by on Mar 16, 2015
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Occasional Duplicate Serial Number with WebDirect App


Occasionally, my multi-user WebDirect application seems to generate a duplicate serial number (Auto-Enter Serial Number, on creation, prohibit modification).  It seems to happen in different tables, too.  I have tried to tightly control record locking by having users enter all data into Globals in an independent table.  Once all of the data is entered and validated, a "no fields" layout is opened, a new record is added, the data from the Globals is pushed into the proper fields and the layout is closed.  Theoretically, the record should only be locked for milliseconds.  There are many users accessing the system, but usually only a few at a time.  It seems that it would take 2 or more users hitting Save at exactly the same time to create a duplicate serial number????  This, obviously, messes up the relationships when the records are duplicated.

I don't do any data imports, etc., so I don't believe I've created any duplicates that way.

I'm looking for suggestions on how to track down the culprit or how to eliminate the possibility of the duplicates.  I thought I remembered that there was a way to create a Serial Number that was unique to the system and not just the table.  Would that help?  The actual record number is irrelevant as long as it's unique to the table (and, at this point in the development cycle, all numeric).

Any input would be appreciated.