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Occurence graph, specify table looses focus

Question asked by disabled_KevinVandenBrande on Jan 8, 2015
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Occurence graph, specify table looses focus


When i click on a occurence in the relationship graph (FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced v4) you get the dialog 'specify table' and the table for the occurence that you clicked is highlighted.

Now recently, it looses his focus.. By this i mean that, when the 'specify table' dialog is openen you cant see to which table it is linked unless you scroll through the list of tables and sees which table is highlighted. By opening the 'specify table' dialog you can see a blink of the underlying table highlighted but then it scrolls up..

I tried to reïnstall FileMaker 13.
v1 works perfect,
v3 works perfect,
v4 problems occurs...

Also when you are on a layout and opens the 'manage databases', in the table tab, the underlying table is hightlighted. In v4, I first have to scroll through the list...

You should atleast think that after a re-install this should be solved?