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ODBC and Mysql Not Null Fields cause big problems

Question asked by daveslc on Jun 23, 2010
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ODBC and Mysql Not Null Fields cause big problems


I am connecting to a mysql database with ODBC.  I am using FMpro10 advanced on a mac.


I am using the latest Actual Technologies driver and am able to connect ok.


The problem is with fields in mysql that are 'not null' and have no default value.


Filemaker lists them in the database as 'Always Validate, Required Value', and so if I try and modify a record without modifying those fields, I get an error message saying <field> is defined as required etc and I cannot commit the record.  If the field has a default value, there doesn't seem to be the same error.


I can't 'uncheck' the 'Not Empty' field in the storage options, but FM does not retain this selection.


I really don't want to modify the mysql database since it is not of my design and when the web app using is updated, I don't want to bust anything.


Is this a bug?  Is there any way around this?