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ODBC Connection From Hosted Filemaker Database to SQL Server

Question asked by tualatinchris on Nov 5, 2009
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ODBC Connection From Hosted Filemaker Database to SQL Server


Greeting FM Forum users,


I've got a dumb question which I think I figured out and would like your feedback.  Before asking, here's my setup information:


 Server Systems:

 1 Filemaker database hosted on Filemaker Server 9 (through a hosting provider)

 1 MS SQL Server database (hosted on a different hosting provider for our membership-driven web site where users regularly update their profile and contact information)


 Client Systems:

 2 OS X systems using Filemaker 9 Pro

 1 OS X system using Filemaker Pro 9 Advanced

 1 PC system using Filemaker 9 Pro


Goal: Show related data from SQL Server through a shared Filemaker database hosted on a Filemaker 9 Server.  (Trivial point: Related data would be linked through my filemaker UserID field = my SQL UserID field.  Just getting the table over into my relationship diagram is the issue at this point.)


Here's the dumb question:

For a hosted Filemaker database on Filemaker Server 9, should an ODBC connection to a SQL server be created on the host server, or on each client system?  In other words, can I simply ask my Filemaker Server hosting provider to set up an ODBC connection to my SQL server on their end, or do I need to purchase 3 Actual ODBC SQL drivers for my 3 Macs and set 1 Windows ODBC connection on my PC, all with matching ODBC names my Filemaker Database can make use of?


I just purchased one copy of Actual ODBC SQL driver for my Mac, thinking I could set up ODBC on my local client and connect to the SQL server.  When I tried this, the local ODBC connections I created on my Mac client did not appear when attempting to add it to my remotely hosted Filemaker file.


As I was writing this post, I just downloaded a copy of my Filemaker database from the hosting provider.  When opening it locally, I have found that I can now add ODBC connections.  This tells me that my local ODBC connections may not be usable on a hosted Filemaker database.


Advise?  Am I on the right track?