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ODBC Data Sources Not Showing Up

Question asked by TonyCastelletto on Dec 5, 2013
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ODBC Data Sources Not Showing Up


     Howdy All,

        I'm very new to the current versions of FMPro.  I'm trying to add an external SQL data source.  This source is a database running on SQL Server 2012.  According to the website, version 13 of Filmaker supports connections to SQL Server 2012.  I'm using the trial version of Filemaker 13 to evaluate the system as an option for a frontend to my database.  When I attempt to set up an odbc data source in Filemaker I run into a problem.  When I go to Manage External Data Sources, I select "New" since I have not yet created any external sources in Filemaker.  The Edit Data Source window pops up.  I check the odbc radio button.  When I go to specify the DSN, I see nothing.  My ODBC source has been set up under Windows 8.  Access can see these data sources just fine.  Why can't Filemaker?  Can anyone point me in the right direction?  I have the feeling that I'm missing something completely obvious.