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ODBC Direct and FMP12 - Setting up a Connection

Question asked by beano129 on Feb 12, 2013
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ODBC Direct and FMP12 - Setting up a Connection


     Morning all, 

     I'm trying to connect FMP12 to MYOB 

     I've run the ODBCDirect set-up on my WinXP machine and I've recently install FMP12 in Windows. 

     So what i'm trying to do now is create a the ODBC link....

     How do I go about this? 

     Do I need to crate a new Database in FMP12 and then navigate to Manage External Data Sources, then click New and start? 

     I've had a look to see of there's any similar posts and they seem to relate to FMP11 

     What i'm looking to do at this time is simply grab information from the MYOB datafile and start to set up some layout's using the information then later down the line i'll set-up a system that can send and receive in real-time.

     Can anyone help?

     Many Thanks