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ODBC Manager not responding

Question asked by DaveWilson on Apr 21, 2011


ODBC Manager not responding



Our remote host recently updated to a Filemaker 11 server and since then we have been unable to connect to our Filemaker 10 files via our ODBC link. I mention the fact that our host has updated as this is the only thing that has changed, before their upgrade we were  able to connect.

We are using Mac computers running OS 10.4.

Filemaker has been set up correctly to share files via ODBC, our user names and passwords have not been changed.

We have updated our ODBC driver using the one suggested by Filemaker from and double checked the SQL statement.

But everytime we test the link ODBC Manager stalls and the error message (not responding) appears in the Activity Monitor.

Has anybody else had this problem.