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ODBC Mysql problem

Question asked by GerardVersteegh on Mar 26, 2015
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ODBC Mysql problem


I am using the OS X Mavericks which with the MySQL ODBC 5.3 ANSI driver version 5.03.0004 (32 bit) works fine. However I need to use also characters from other european languages. However the unicode driver hangs up My filemaker Pro as soon as I try to link to the database to import a table. The only solution is to to kill the process using an OS X forced stop. I can set the connection settings so I tried also with defined character set setting utf8 and utf32. Testing with other programs show that for those the connection works.  Is there a solution around? I formerly used ODBC manager but after a while this only returned three lines per request which made it useless for me.

I made a log file with the last part showing that the system hangs on the table request:

FileMaker Pro   A0F2D1D4 EXIT  SQLAllocStmt with return code 0 (SQL_SUCCESS)
        SQLHDBC           0x7bc89a60
        SQLHSTMT        * 0xbff8a1dc (0x814ebff0)

FileMaker Pro   A0F2D1D4 ENTER SQLExecDirectW
    SQLHSTMT          0x814ebff0
    SQLWCHAR        * 0x814eb7d0                    | SET SQL_MODE='STRICT_ALL_TABLES'      |

    SQLINTEGER        132