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ODBC problem

Question asked by MichaelArnovitz on Jul 11, 2010
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ODBC problem


OK, here's one that's probably been discussed before. I did a search but I didn't see anything recent.

I just installed the Actual Technologies ODBC driver today. I got the one for MySQL, since I'm trying to use FM Pro as a front-end for a large table I'm building in MySQL.

The installation went fine, but I can't get FM Pro to "see" the external data source. I go to manage external data sources and hit the "new" button. That brings up the edit data source window. I  select ODBC as the type, and then I hit the "specify" button beside the DSN - and there's nothing to choose. I'm supposed to have a list to choose from, but there's nothing!

Interestingly, at one point I instead went to Manage Databases, selected the relationships tab and added a table, and the data source option there DID show the ODBC driver! But now all of a sudden it doesn't!?

Does anyone have any idea what's going on here?

My system - iMac 2.8GHz with 8 Gigs RAM; OS X 10.6.4; FM Pro 10; Actual Tech ODBC Pack 3.0.8