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ODBC problem using excel

Question asked by daanvdn on Jul 30, 2009
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ODBC problem using excel




I've got a FM database with a huge amount of fields (between 600-700, I know it's too much but it was the only possibility). My OS is Windows Xp SP3 and I would like to use MS Excel to grap data from FM by means of an ODBC-link, so i can make pivot tables / charts. I've installed the latest SequeLink driver and configured the FM file in question as an ODBC source as is explained in the manual. I've tested the link and there is no problem there, but several problems keep cropping up, when I try to get the data into excel using the Query Wizard


1) The GUI shows all my tables, but not all fields. I've read somewhere that there might be a limitation to 255 fields? Is this true?

2) When I click on one of the tables I get an error message: "string data, right truncated. Error in column 4."

3) When I perform a query and choose to show the data in Excel, I get an error message: ""parse error in sql", alternatively if I choose to edit the query in MS Query I get the same error.

I've created a test file with some 100 fields (no spaces in the field names, but with numerical characters) and a bunch of empty records. This file is much smaller, but the same problems keep occurring ...


Does anybody have a suggestion because I really need those pivot charts....


Kind regards,