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ODBC problems, can't get SequeLink and FM Server 7 to work together

Question asked by GordonTriplett on Feb 23, 2012


ODBC problems, can't get SequeLink and FM Server 7 to work together


 Hello FM people; I have a database on FM Server 7 with the Server 7 Advanced add on features. I use FM 7 Pro to store the data and use it. This has worked great for many years. The problem came up when we attempted to export tthe data via ODBC.

 We read the steps on the FM forums and the documentation from FM.

1) SequeLink 6 was installed.

2) DataDirect 5.5 was installed.

3)  We set the file permissions to allow all

The first problem we found is when we enable the ODBC access it remains greyed out. This appears to be due to the database being shared. We can not open the database locally on the machine, even though the Filemaker Server, Filemaker Pro and the data are on the same machine.

How do we get the database to open locally so the ODBC function when enabled will allow us to select a data source?

We opened one of the sample FM databases provided and it was able to be seen in the ODBC data source when the ODBC option was selected.

When we were configuring the SequeLink in the DataDirect SequeLink ODBC Setup window, we select the ... button, and never see the Server Data Source. What could be keeping the data from being displayed there?

We have been attempting to allow our data to be seenvia ODBC for almost 2 weeks now. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you