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ODBC query results capped at 4090 characters... please help!

Question asked by HilaryOsborne on Mar 24, 2013
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ODBC query results capped at 4090 characters... please help!


     I am a web developer for a company which uses filemaker for pretty much everything. Due to the lack of reliability of the php api engine within filemaker server we had to move storing web data from filemaker to a mysql bridge server.. this resulted in a complicated spider web of filemaker scripts and relationships to try and keep data up to date. Since then I have been working on a symfony2 bundle which works with filemaker's ODBC functionality. I have found ODBC to be a far better performer and easier to integrate with due to the usage of SQL.

     I have hit a brick wall however when it comes to retrieving data from fields over a certain size. Originally I could not extract data larger than 255 characters however once updating the filemaker 11 driver I was able to increase this to 4090 characters. All characters over 4090 characters are cut off when trying to return them from a ODBC query. If I can get a solution to this problem it will open the doors to me using filemaker for so much here however if I can't.. it pretty much leaves all of my efforts for dead.

     To recap on what I have done so far


  1.           I have tried both filemaker 11 and 12 with the latest ODBC drivers for each
  3.           I have ticked the treat text as long text option when setting up the ODBC driver
  5.           Text results still return capped at 4090 characters


     What I need to work out is if I can return all of the characters within a field


UPDATE: Possible ugly solution

     I have thought about it and in the end if no solution can be found I can create a portal connecting to a table where HTML code can be stored in 4090 character chunks. I could query this and build the final page by joining afterwards. This is a very ugly solution.. I hope there is a better way of retriving this data