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ODBC Read-Only Fields

Question asked by PaulBarton on Aug 17, 2015


ODBC Read-Only Fields


So I am using FileMaker on Mac with the ActualTech Driver. With the use of a read-only field enforced by the MySQL database, I also make the field read-only in the layout for editing purposes. Searching by it is still allowed. If this doesn't get done, and then a user edits the field, it will continuously bring up a popup saying that the machine is unable to update. The error message is: UPDATE command denied to user '<USERNAME>'@'<HOSTNAME>' for table '<TABLE>'. If you know the field that has been edited, you can change it back and then continue to work. The issue is, when this dialog pops up, you have to force quit FileMaker to exit, unless you have changed the value back to the original value. 

Making the entry read-only in layout is the current fix, but I wondered if there is a way to discard data that you are unable to change?