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ODBC script step forgets ODBC driver

Question asked by groucho on Apr 14, 2010
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ODBC script step forgets ODBC driver


i have a script that imports mySQL data from a web site and imports into filemaker 10 running on server 9 running on windows server 2003. when i run the script from my own machine it works fine (at first). then i log on to my client's machine via terminal server and run the same script and i get an error. when i run that script line manually i noticed that the ODBC driver has been deselected. when i select the driver the script runs.

then back to my machine i get the error. i run the script step on it's own and the ODBC driver is deselected. so i select it and it runs.

back to the client's machine. error again.

something keeps deselecting the driver. all machines are using the free ODBC driver provided by mySQL, all the same version.

anybody have an explanation of why this toggling occurs? or better yet - a cure.