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ODBC Test Connect Problem

Question asked by t_theodorou on Nov 11, 2009
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ODBC Test Connect Problem


Hi to all,


I'm using Filemaker Pro Advanced 10.0v3 and trying to make an ODBC Connection. I followed the steps described in ODBC and JDBC Guide. The problem is that when I press the Test Connect button it returns the following error message:


Sequelink Error: 2217  

[DataDirect][ODBC SequeLink driver][SequeLink Client]Network problem, session aborted due to internal error in remote procedure call, connection closed


The database is open at the time I'm trying to connect and it is hosted at the same computer from which I'm trying to connect. I did a User DSN connection but the same happens if I do a System or a File DSN.


For the history:

Before I purchased Filemaker Pro Advanced I had the Filemaker Pro trial and the connection worked fine. I uninstalled Filemaker Pro trial as well as the Sequelink ODBC Driver and then installed the purchased program. At first, when I tried to make the DSN Connection, when I pushed the Browse button next to Server Data Source it returned a TCP/IP error even though the database was open and shared through ODBC for All Users. After some searches at the Forum I found that in order the ODBC sharing to work, the ddfmsoc.exe should be running. That was not happening at my computer and when I tried running it manually through the Program Files installation directory, it was returning an error saying that the WRServices.dll could not be found. In fact, the WRServices.dll was at the "C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced" directory. When I copied it to the "C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced\Extensions\xDBC Support\bin" directory where the ddfmsoc.exe is, then ddfmsoc.exe appeared at WinXP Task Manager and when I pushed the Browse button next to Server Data Source for the ODBC connection I could see the databases that were open.


Now the problem is the one that I described at the start of the message.


Sorry for the long post.