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ODBC to FM file, Read-Only access

Question asked by GillesPlante on Mar 13, 2012


ODBC to FM file, Read-Only access


Hi all,

I am doing some tests on FileMaker Pro to see if it could be used for some projects. I have to say that up to now, this is a nice product.

But I have a hard time with ODBC. I am evaluating what can be done when connected to an FM database from another program. My first issue was to be able to connect to an FM db through a DSN... I then discovered that spaces are not allowed in file names Yell.

Now my issue is that I can't update from the connected application, which is Access - this is the fastest way to set up a test, but for a real project that would be different. It's not a permission problem, I use the admin account that can do anything. Looking on the Web, I founnd out that

When the query includes a linked ODBC table with no unique index or a Paradox table without a primary key, you cannot update data in the query. To work around this problem, add a primary key or a unique index to the linked table.

This is for Access. Then I added a field which was set to be unique and and I indexed it. Every time I link the database in Access, it asks me to select the primary key field, I select the field that is a Serial number (indexed), and then Access tells it can't create and index. If I try to change data from Access, I am told that the Recorset is not updatable Frown. Is it some kind of Access restriction, or is there something worng I am doing ?



Gilles Plante