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    ODBC won't read some fields



      ODBC won't read some fields


           I am accessing a Filemaker database using ODBC in a VB.net program.

           The following line:

                   rs.Open("SELECT SKU13_ePub, SKU13_pdf, SKU13_Kindle, Title, Subtitle FROM ""Table Name""", conn)
           Reads all three of the SKU13 fields and the Title, but not the Subtitle - there's no error, it's just blank in every record.
           I tried changing the order to select Subtitle, Title, but that doesn't make any difference - I can have the Title but not the Subtitle.
           I also need to read the Imprint field from the Filemaker data but that's in the same boat as Subtitle - not accessible with ODBC.
           Both Title and Subtitle (and Imprint) are Indexed Text fields in Filemaker so I can't figure out why I can have one but not the other in my query.
           Does anyone else have experience of this problem? If so, did you find a way to make Filemaker give you what you want?


                I changed the query to be SELECT * FROM ""Table Name""

                In the first record, 96 fields are populated in Filemaker, but only 33 have been exported. I can't see any common factor or logic behind which fields were exported and which not.

                It seems as if Filemaker just decides arbitrarily if a field is accessible via ODBC or not. Which makes it hard to rely on.