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Odd behavior in drop down list???

Question asked by quirkycrone on Aug 16, 2015
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Odd behavior in drop down list???


FM 13 Pro Adv On MAC Yosemite.

Can some please explain why this happens?

1) Starting from the first screen screen I change the series code at the top to examine another group of images.


2) When I get the series changed (causing an on modify script to run, see below), I get screen two, which doesn't allow me to select the image I want to view.

If I click on the brown (header) area above the second instance of the Image(just added it on to see what would happen with a vanilla display), which runs no script (checked in debugger), suddenly all is well and I can pick images again. This is the way it run subsequently until I select another Series code, when I must click the brown space again.

For some reason my images are not pasting from Word...See next

I really hope someone can explain this to me so that I can eliminate the extra "click".