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Odd field behavior in Header/Footer depending on Scrollposition

Question asked by creat_ing on Jul 18, 2009
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Odd field behavior in Header/Footer depending on Scrollposition


I'm about to report a bug, but first I'd like to know if somebody else has the same problem/can reproduce it:




- New, empty Filemaker DB with two fields ("name"/"filter")

- New Layout, 3 Parts (Header/Body/footer), name-field in Body-part and filter-field in Header or Footer

- Creating some 30-40 records (number/empty or filled irrelevant)



- view as List

- activate a random record (preferably near the beginning or end of the list)

  the activated Record shows a black bar at the left (I know you know that ;-)

- enter some text into the filter-field which is in the Header/Footer

- now: scroll away! Yes, I mean it, scroll away at least 2 or 3 times the window height (no joke)
- the text in the filter-field should still be visible

- click into the filter-field and my text disappears and only reappears if I start writing into the field



Well, you could say it's not a big problem with the use mentioned above, but I have have a global field in my header with a popup-menu and a scripttrigger acting as a filter for the list, and scrolled away to far, the popup menu can't be opened anymore!



My Environment:

FileMakePro Advanced 10.0v1 

Mac OS X 10.5.7

iBook G4 (PowerBook6,7)


Any ideas on how to fix this or am I the only one?