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Odd FMP5-->FMP11 conversion problem

Question asked by RonJennings on Jun 18, 2012
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Odd FMP5-->FMP11 conversion problem


First, my apologies for being a FMP scripting noob. Smile

I coverted a customer's relational FMP5 database(s) to FMP11 and have some odd post conversion problems that seems like it would be related to refreshing a window but inserting the Refresh Window command doesn't resolve it.  I will attempt to describe & welcome all suggestions for resolving

Database A has a button that calls to Script 1.  Script 1 first confirms they want to perform the script which creates a new record in  Database B and populates that info in to the record being viewed in Database A. Once they confirm, Script 1 in Database A kicks off Script 2 in Database B.  Then the fun starts 

Script 1 in Database A calls to Script 2 in Database B

Script 2 executes New Record/Request 

Script 2 then causes several other scripts in other databases to get kicked off that appear to be working fine then things return to Script 2 in Database B.  

Script 2 in Database B autopopulates some information from the existing record in Database B into the new record also in Database B  then it calls to another database to get a sequential unique identifier for the new record. it then selects the window for Database B and performs Go To Field for a drop-down selector field so they can proceed with adding the necessary info for the new record.

Problems/differences from FMP5 to FMP11:

1) When the last step is processed (going to the drop-down field in the new record) in FMP5, the dropdown actually appears, in FMP11 it doesn't.

2) There is a clickable link in Database B that should appear and essentailly allow Script 2 to be stopped and prevent the record that is linked to the record from Database A from being altered.  If you change the View in Database B to Layout, the link is there.  However, in version 11, the link won't appear unless you click on the background area of Database A.  Inserting the Refresh Window command into the script doesn't change this behavior

Any ideas that is causing these behaviors?