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Odd FMPro11 Crash Problem

Question asked by jessieleah on May 4, 2011
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Odd FMPro11 Crash Problem


I have a user that VPNs into the server via VPN Tracker.  He has a Mac running Leopard and FileMaker Pro 11.03.  Every once in a while the fonts set in the layout and the fields will change.  The font that I used to use was Verdana - with some layout changes, we switched to using Century Gothic.  Like a few seconds before FileMaker crashes - the font changes to what looks like Times New Roman.  It also did this when I used verdana.  The user appreciates the font change as it's a heads up to the crash.  Doesn't anyone else experience the same thing?  Oh, we also use FileMaker Server 11 (not Advanced though.)

Thanks All!!