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Odd situation

Question asked by jimmyfix on Apr 9, 2010
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Odd situation


Hello all,


I am trying to create a system for a friend who is old and doesn't learn new tricks too well. It's mostly a favor.


He doesn't want a complete system for tracking business (He is a cabinet maker). He just wants to enter data once a month just like he used to with his old DOS system (Yikes). I have it all pretty much setup but I am having an odd problem.


Believe it or not, I ma trying to have it be that he can just enter a line of data press enter and enter the next line of data without having to scroll down to get to am empty field or anything like that. His file will open to a list view of all the data (which he doesn't care about) and I have a button for entering new data which takes him to a layout with a  line of fields in a new window. I call it the data entry view. It all works just fine except when I enter more than one set of data and click the button that says "Done". The button is supposed to commit the data and close the window. Pretty simple. Well like I said, when I have entered more than one set of data I have to click the button multiple times to get the window to close. If I enter one set of data or one record it will close right away.


Any thoughts?