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Odd Value List Sorting

Question asked by RyanFishy on May 16, 2011
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Odd Value List Sorting


I have run into some behaviour I don't understand.  FM Pro v 11.02 Windows XP.

I am trying to add the ability to link a table of contact info (name, phone number etc) with a few different tables that store information on 'cases' and 'inquiries.'

I would like to have the user be able to select an a (pre-existing) contact from a drop down in order to associate that contact with current 'case' or 'inquiry.'  So I figure a value list. 

The contact table is set up with a Unique ID, for relationships such as these.  A contact may be related to multiple 'cases' or 'inquiries', for simplicity lets assume that a case or inquiry can only have 1 contact.

I set up a field on the 'inquiries' layout, Contact ID Match Field to enter the ID of the matching contact.  We all like names better so I set up a dual-value value list.  1st value is from Contact::Contact Unique ID, 2nd value is Contact::FirstLast.  'FirstLast' is a calculation. I have 'include all values' selected, but no other check boxes, sorting is by first field. 

The above configuration works, all the contacts are displayed but the contacts are sorted in creation order by ID, not by name.

If I set set 'only display values from second field' OR if I selected 'sort by second field values.  Fuctionalty breaks and my contact drop-down list now only has the first entry, the rest never appear.  The Re-sort option doesn't appear to effect things.

Am I misunderstanding how to set this up? or what is going on here.  Let me know I can explain anything better.