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oddity with a conditional value list : help?

Question asked by jrobgk1 on Apr 17, 2013
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oddity with a conditional value list : help?



     I have a join table, Event Records, that all information for a given promotional event is recorded.  In this event record, i have a foreign key for a DistributorID and a SalesRepID which are needed to capture the third party employee information.  i need to create a VL where a distributor is chosen, and a list of possible reps is populated in another CVL.  Currently, i have the following relationships set up:

     EventRecords::DistID >--< Reps::DistID    and EventRecords::RepID>--<Reps::RepID

     the first VL is from a TO of Reps_Distributors, the CVL is from Reps__repData

     It's not populating as I would expect it to, in that i get the VL, but the CVL either populates with one option, or says No Value Defined.  


     What am I missing?