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    Office 2011 Mac Access to FMP



      Office 2011 Mac Access to FMP


      I noticed a Filemaker icon in the data tab of Excel 2011 on the Mac.  I tried to access two FMP databases using that icon.  One of my databases opens right up but the other database gets a Filemaker Pro Error:  Object Not Found.

      I have no idea why one database can be accessed in Excel and the other one cannot.  Any suggestions/thoughts would be appreciated.

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          I hadn't noticed that button before! I always use the Export to Excel feature in FMP - so handy I've added it to my menubar!

          A bit of googling shows this has been around for *many* years and could be due to importing 500+ records. However, I just tried it on a database with less that 300 records and got the same message. FMP opened, with the correct database then Excel told me there was an error