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offsite network server connection - optimization

Question asked by jenn.davis on Nov 6, 2013
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offsite network server connection - optimization


     We are running the FM server in house.  We have inventory databases and fulfillment databases set up for some of our customers.  They log-in, using a FM Pro Client, to our network to access these databases and place fulfillment orders, see past orders, update/add distributor address information and such.  We have, currently, 4 different companies using this service.  We are getting constant complaints of slow connection speeds.  They place an order with the intent of it being a rush, so we are to fulfill it the same day, but we don't see the order come through until it's too late.  They complain that it takes 2-3 minutes just to get to the log-in screen.  Which, as i understand it, it's as soon as they click on the FM shortcut, that then takes them to the screen that would allow them to log into the fulfillment database.  We are considering downloading the databases directly to their computers, so they are working with them locally, then sync them later.  But i'm not sure if that is going to take care of the issue or not.  Any other suggestions?