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Oh... where to begin

Question asked by Magneato on Jul 8, 2009
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Oh... where to begin


My problem is a bit large to be answered all at once, so I really just need to know what direction to head in here...


I am using 2 tables in this instance.  One table is a database containing referring doctors contact information(RefDr).  Each record from 'RefDr' contains a field with their license# (lic1).  The other table is a db containing patient info (PtInfo).  Each record from 'PtInfo' contains a field with the referring dr's license# (lic1) and a field for each part of the body to be scanned(scan1, scan2, ...)  What I'd like to do is create a field in 'RefDr' that gives a running total of all the body parts scanned from records in the 'PtInfo' table.


EXP/ Dr. Poopypants has a license# of 1122334455.  Everytime that license# appears in a record from 'PtInfo' I would like the sum of the body parts scanned from that and everyother record containing the same license# to be added to a running total summary field in the table 'RefDr'.


I have no idea how to write a script but am willing to learn if thats the route I need to go.  Any and all guidance will be appreciated