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    Oh......so many fields....Please help with the structure.



      Oh......so many fields....Please help with the structure.


      Hi all,

      I have a little experience but would still consider myself a newbie. I have created a database for school. It all worked fine until other teachers decided they wanted their subject added. My subject only had 3 assessment criteria, however maths has 14!!

      So... here goes....

      I have to assess about 30 students in my class. My first table: USERS, has:







      I want to click onto a student, choose the level to assess and the subject.


      At the moment. I have a list of students with buttons beside their name. I click onto the subject and get taken to a layout that shows the 14 areas to be assessed. Each assessment has a notes field, date ( when the student made the skill) a button that enables me to state whether they aer working towards the skill, have made, or haven't ( when these radio buttons are clicked it changes the colour of the field a different colour, red, yello, green) and finally a print button. If I click onto print to places the contents of the field into an area so that I can later place these onto sticky labels.


      Got it!!!


      Anyway, thats about 70 fields, not too bad but I then have to do this for 6 levels of achievement, so now loads of fields.


      I have tried to have just one layout for all subjects but can't get my head around it.

      Someone mentioned portals, another FM11 but I'm now lost.


      What I have done works, but with so many fields is the database going to die??


      Any help would be REALLY gratefully received.


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          Howdy splodgehodge,


          Not sure why someone would recommend FMP11 for your case, but the lead on portals (or more generally Related Tables) is spot on.


          Look through the help and learn about related tables.

          Further, look through this intro primer: www.foundationdbs.com/Downloads/WhitePaperForFMPNovices.pdf


          I'd need more info about the details, but it looks like you would need a Student Table, A Subject table and an Assesment table set up as Parent-Child-grandchild with one to many relationships.  Depending on how you'd like to review the data in the future, a many to many relationship with a join table may suit your needs even better.


          Look though the WhitePaper, grasp the concept of related tables, play with it a little bit and then post back...

          Without this basic understanding of related tables, we're all going to be speaking greek to you.