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OK Last calculation help needed

Question asked by JohnAnthony on Dec 15, 2010
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OK Last calculation help needed


i am building a table for a form I have, and I am racking my brain on this one

lets say i have a Principal amount and an Interest Amount  (For example we'll say $5000 Principal and $100 Interest)  I received a payment of $300.   My chart has to show how the payment splits.  In my case all payments go to interest first so I need to have two fields outputted will be for $200 (towards the principal) the other will be for $100 (towards principal).  Its easy to do when the Interest is higher then the payment, but its not simple when the payment needs to be shown as split between the two


5000princ  100int

200          100        =300


4800        0


5000princ  450

0               300       =300


5000         150