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Old .fp7 database converting to .fp12 without admin protection

Question asked by JordanWillis on Jan 6, 2015
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Old .fp7 database converting to .fp12 without admin protection



I inherited a database that we were using for FileMaker 7. The person who set it up is probably gone and has the admin rights that can change security and layouts. We can view and edit, but that's about it. For the past few years we have been adding to this layout. The layout is pretty complicated. 

The database converts fine into FileMaker 13 but still retains the same permissions. However, I need to change things like the layout and security in order to use new features of FMP13 like instant web publishing. Is there any contingency for recovering this database? If I export the files I lose the layout, but its the only way I can transfer it to a new database. 

So first, is there anyway to recover this password or convert the data without the password? If not, is there a way to export the data with complicated layout(s)?