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Old plugin not working

Question asked by TarlG on Oct 24, 2013
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Old plugin not working


     Hi Everyone - we finally upgraded our dinosaur Filemaker to 12, but unfortunately an old plugin named Oazium is no longer working...I am trying to come up with a new calculation for a specific field, 

External("OzDt-DateList (days)";


        Sales Agent 1 Office 2 & " " & "|" &
        GetAsNumber(Search Start Date) & "|" &
        GetAsNumber(Search Stop Date) & "|" &
     I was not around when they  originally purchased that plugin, and that company is no longer is what I can find on that function:


          "The List functions provide "reservation capabilities": DateList(days) yields a return-delimited list of dates between any two dates passed as parameters. If one or two additional parameters are provided, like so:

          External ("OzDt-DateList(days)", pfx & "|" & Date1 & "|" & Date2 & "|" & sfx)))

          they act as prefix and suffix for each list item. This simplifies the creation of many-to-one relational keys. DateList(hours) does similarly with one-hour increments between two given times, DateList(hours/minutes) lists hour:minute at one-hour increments between two times, and DateList(minutes) shows one-minute increments between two times."


So my question is, does anyone know of a different way to do this, either with a plugin or without? I was able to figure out some of the other functions, such as OzDt-DiffDaysString, but this one I am stuck on.