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OLE to word documents on server

Question asked by mark_d2x on Nov 1, 2010


OLE to word documents on server



I need to connect my database to a shared folder on a server to OLE the word documents.

What I have done so far is set a text field with the file path ....    

folder= filewin:\\server\ as a global field.  

I have then created a calculation field to

folder & HOSPITALNUMBER::hospital number & ".doc" to give the full filepath ie filewin:\\server\123467H.doc

I don't knowif I should  use a container field or web viewer to display the word document as an object - any suggestions?

The folder in question has about 18, 000 word documents in it and eventually I need to replicate this to at least another 6 locations for varying documents with about as many documents in each.  What I really don't want to be doing is have to search for each individual file and go through the dragging and dropping documents into the database as there are roughly 2000 x 6 records and growing.