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OMG - preview problems!

Question asked by nikolasa on Jun 15, 2010
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OMG - preview problems!


Kia ora all - just wondering if anyone else has this problem. I've created a report which gives details on the overall stats of all the members in the database (i.e. 200 are women and this makes up 55% of the total members in the database).


When I go into preview mode and attempt to PDF it I've noticed that instead of the two pages of results that I've created there are 10 (I have 5 test records) - So I understand that it is giving me a report for each record.


But I don't want this! LOL - I just want the one report (2 pages) that will give me all the results that I need and not a PDF file that has thousands of pages of the same report (i.e there are 1000 records would result in 2000 pages, instead of the two I want!)


Any thoughts? I've looked online and haven't found anyone with this issue.