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Omit Records from Found Set by clicking a Check Box

Question asked by Wayne1 on Mar 14, 2010
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Omit Records from Found Set by clicking a Check Box




I am trying to use a check box to omit records from the found set within List View - Browse.


I have the user select the search criteria from the Form View (Main Page) by clicking the "Find Button".  Once the find criteria is selected, they perform the find, then click a "View Commission Report" button which takes them to a List View of the found records in Browse Mode in a new layout.


A check box appears next to each occurrence of the record of the found set called "omit".  The theory is that when "omit" is checked, it will remove that record from the found set, "refresh" the list and re-present the amended list on screen.  This would continue until the user is satisfied that all of the records they do not wish to appear on the list are "checked".


The user then clicks the "Print Commission Report" button and only the records they wish to have on the printed list will be printed.


This problem is doing my head in!!


Any suggestions?


I have FMP 10 Advanced, Vista, and an an intermediate user (perhaps advanced beginner).


Any help would be greatly appreciated.