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    Omiting records after a search



      Omiting records after a search




      I have a number of tables in a file related by a Client ID number. The original table contains info about a client and other tables contain info regarding support visits etc. I need to find out how i can do a search for different criteria in the other tables and then find out how many clients this relates to. For example, perform a find and then omit any of the records where the client ID repeats itself.


      Is there a simple way to do this, either as a 'modify last find' or by inserting a script?.




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          Howdy una,


          Do your find from a layout based on your main client table.  If you are entering search criteria into related tables, your main table will still only show one record per found client...'cause there is only one record per client in your main table...right?


          Have a layout based on Client, with fields on it from the related tables.  Now enter your search criteria and you're home free.  No omitting duplicates needed.


          Is this what you're after?